But what is the difference between men and women when choosing replica watches

Watch as an important accessory, for many men and women, it cannot be easily replaced. This can be seen from the fact that the popularity of watches has been unabated. But what is the difference between men and women when choosing replica watches has always been a topic that many readers and friends pay more attention to, so today we will discuss briefly.

From this sentence, some differences can be revealed. For example, in contrast, women prefer good-looking replica watches, and men prefer the so-called tasteful replica watches. However, good-looking obviously cannot be easily equated with taste. Because a good-looking watch may not be tasteful, and a tasteful watch may not be good-looking. For example, some super replica watches studded with diamonds, in the eyes of many girls, are extremely beautiful and luxurious, but because they are equipped with a quartz movement, how can they not let male watch fans who like mechanical movements and obsessed with mechanical structures feel the taste. Come, in their opinion, rushing to the face is actually a kind of glitz, or exaggeration.

This is a Breguet classic complex series 5317PT/12/9V6. This replica watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement. The case is made of 18K white gold. The case has a coin pattern on the outside. It has a tourbillon function. The diameter of the watch is 39 mm. It is waterproof. 30 meters. And some seemingly more tasteful replica watches, such as the exquisite polished craftsmanship of the movement, even the dial is hollow, so you can see the mechanical structure at a glance, and even witness the rotation of the tourbillon. For some male watch lovers Friends are easily conquered, and even get stuck in it. But in the eyes of some girls, this kind of mechanical interweaving, or accumulation, feels like visiting a mechanical workshop.

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From this point of view, for watches, men and women almost have a completely different aesthetic appeal or aesthetics. It is precisely because of the fundamental difference in aesthetics that men and women pay very different attentions when choosing watches.
For example, when girls choose watches, they tend to pay more attention to the color, material, jewellery, diamonds and other factors of the watch. In fact, it is mainly the appearance factor, and many girls dont care whether it is a mechanical movement or not, and they even dont like mechanical movement. The core, because the mechanical movement is too squeamish, "My aunt's grandmother has so much free time to wind and adjust the time of the watch".
There is a saying that "women love jewelry, men love watches". Of course, this statement is not unreasonable, but women do not dislike watches, but prefer watches with jewels or diamonds.

This is a rolex daytona diamond watch. This replica watch is equipped with automatic mechanical parts. Whether it is a unique shape or a gorgeous gem setting, it can be said to be extremely luxurious. The case and strap are made of 18K white gold or rose. It is made of gold, and the strap is set with 21 yellow round diamonds and 141 round artificial top diamonds. To get more rolex replicas for sale, please click!

Some attentive friends may find that having said so much, they have never discussed the price of replica watches, and even in some people's eyes, this is the most important thing. Yes, I did not talk about the price preference of different genders, because whether it is a woman or a man, as long as they like it, they will make every effort to earn their favorite baby. Faced with the watch that I like, being generous is never the patent of a certain gender.

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